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Phylloxera Enterprise conducts wine appreciation workshops for business and corporates. We aim to increase the quality of wine consumers in Singapore through education and wine related activities. Looking to host an event? Look at our services and then drop us a contact. Just looking for an answer to your questions on wine? Contact us, we will gladly share what we know.

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Phylloxera, the name

SYLLABICATION: phyl·lox·e·ra

PRONUNCIATION: "fi-"läk-'sir-&, f&-'läk-s&-r&

NOUN: Inflected forms: pl. phyl·lox·e·rae (-r)
Any of several small insects of the genus Phylloxera that are related to aphids, especially P. vitifoliae, a widely distributed species very destructive to grape crops.

ETYMOLOGY: New Latin Phylloxra, genus name : Greek phullo-, phyllo- + Greek xros, dry.

A little trail of wine history

The vine louse - phylloxera vastaterix - that devastated the vineyards of Europe in the late 19th century still infests the soils of nearly all the world's wine-growing regions. At the time, it was considered the greatest disaster in the history of wine, but with HINDSIGHT, it was a blessing in disguise.

Before the phylloxera arrived, many of Europe's greatest wine regions had gradually been devalued because of an increase in the demand for their wines. This led to bulk-producing, inferior varieties being planted, and vineyards being extended into unsuitable lands. As phylloxera spread, it became apparent that every vine had to be grafted onto phlox American rootstock. This forced a much-needed rationalization, in which only the best sites in the classic regions were replanted and only noble vines were cultivated, a costly and time-consuming operation that owners of vineyards in lesser areas could not afford. The grafting took France 50 years, and enabled the Appellation d'Origine Controlee system to be established. It is hard to imagine what regional or varietal identities might now exist, if phylloxera had not occurred.

TRUELY. A disaster that provoked thoughts, action, results and technological breakthroughs. Eliminated mediocrity and raised standards. Every cloud has a silver lining.