About Phylloxera Enterprise

Started in January 2005, Phylloxera Enterprise is the brainchild of two wine-lovers who believe that wine is for all occasions, and share the common desire to present an objective and independent voice in the local wine industry.

Phylloxera Enterprise conducts wine themed workshop for businesses so participants will be equipped with the essential wine knowledge that can enhance their professional and social skills. The company also has the expertise to set up private and corporate special interest groups and clubs, and subsequently design specific events catered for the group, and finally manage the activities. In addition, Phylloxera Enterprise also provides consultation services for businesses in the F&B industry.

Phylloxera Enterprise Corporate Mission

To be the leading wine lifestyle company by incorporating wine education as its core business.

Wine Education

To be the respected and independent voice in Singapore's wine education scene.

The Team Behind Phylloxera Enterprise

The team behind Phylloxera Enterprise is the core team that had brought about Singapore's first tertiary institute based wine appreciation club. Establised in 2002, Nanyang Technological University Wine Appreciation Club had came a long way since its founding, growing from a membership base of 30 to a respectable 120 in a span of 2 years.

The experience and understanding of young adults, the team poised to take wine education to the next level, to literally "To Learn and Share the Unexpected" with the rest of the population.

Our Motto: To Learn and Share the Unexpected

Simplicity of intention at the very purest form. When we open open a bottle of wine, we all do hope it will be an enjoyable bottle. A bottle which allows us to learn its unexpected beauty, its beauty blessed and nutured by mother nature, its beauty honed and perfected by passionate wine-makers. With this new-found appreciation of a bottle of wine, we will then want to share the great joy we gathered from the beverage of enjoyment.