Workshop for DBS

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Hosted towards the end of a convention, the workshop was a refreshing and enjoyable closing to a week of intense work.


Participants were treated to a session of witty and yet informative discussion on wine appreciation.


With a good mix of seasoned wine drinkers and novices in the audience, Yean Kai striked a balance of content and delivery for the two distinct audiences. Yean Kai presented a more technical approach to the workshop, so as to draw the seasoned and experienced audience to contribute & share their viewpoints.


At the same time, he touched on the basic technique of wine appreciation, introducing the novices to the techniques, while offering a refresher for the others.


The following labels were sampled during the workshop:

  1. Martinborough Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc 2004

  2. Montes Alpha Chardonnay 2003

  3. Mongeard Mugeneret Nuits St George Les Plateaux 2002

  4. Maxwell Ellen Street Shiraz 2001

  5. La Demoiselle de Sociando-Mallet 1998

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