NTU Wine Appreciation Session September 2005

Wining in 180minutes


















As the unofficial wine ambassador of our alma mater, Nanyang Technological University (NTU), it had always been a great privilege for us to be back on campus to conduct the workshops.

Set in one of those typical Singapore-styled scorching afternoons... It was by no means the most ideal conditions to prepare one for the ultimate journey into the world’s most loved and celebrated beverage (ok, you caught me, large dose of personal bias here).

Add to that, the mounting pressure brought on with the onset of the mid-term recess. But it was still not enough to dampen the spirits of the young vinous adventurers. What a way to go!

Pushing the limit and touching the sky! That has always been the motto of our workshop. We are constantly asking ourselves “What is the limit or the maximum that one can absorb in a span of two to three hours?” This time, we were very happy with the results.

After three hours of grueling wine-talk, the majority of the young wine enthusiasts were able to correctly identify the Bordeaux from the Aussie shiraz during our by now de facto feature, “blind tasting flight” of the workshop. They relied on practical wine tasting techniques that were discussed and theoretical information such as the difference in styles between the “New World” and “Old World” and the effect of time (aging) on the appearance of a wine (much like human beings, but we really don’t want to go into that). Certainly no mean feat for beginners!

Bravo! But what really surprised us this time, was the majority of the votes going to the Bordeaux over the Aussie. The preference for elegance over in-your-face fruit bombs for the young and untamed palates confirmed the most beautiful aspect of wines – It is so subjective!

The following labels were tasted during the workshop:

  1. Tamar Ridge Sauvignon Blanc 2004

  2. Morton Estate White Label Hawkes Bay Chardonnay 2002

  3. Montes Merlot 2004

  4. Water Wheel Bendigo Shiraz 2003

  5. V. La dame de Montrose 1999

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